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Pictures and captions are courtesy of Reuters, AP, CNN and Fox news with thanks.

Mourners pray near the bodies of Palestinians killed after an Israeli air strike in the northern Gaza Strip January 4, 2009.

Israeli soldiers carry the coffin of their comrade Dvir Emanuelof at Mount Herzl military cemetery in Jerusalem January 4, 2009. . Israeli troops and tanks split the Gaza Strip and ringed its main city on Sunday in an offensive against Hamas that has killed more than 500 Palestinians, many of them civilians. One Israeli soldier was killed and 32 were wounded in the ground offensive, Israel said. Four Israelis have been killed by the Hamas rocket strikes since Dec. 27.

Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert (RIGHT) heads the weekly cabinet meeting in Tel Aviv January 4, 2009, in this picture released by the Israeli Government Press Office (GPO).

Israeli mobile artillery units fire shells towards Gaza from their position outside the northern Gaza Strip January 4, 2009.

9sraeli soldiers look out from atop a tank near the border with the northern Gaza Strip January 4, 2009.

Israeli soldiers advance near the border with northern Gaza during a ground operation by the Israeli army late January 3, 2009. Israeli troops clashed with Hamas fighters as they advanced into Gaza on Saturday in the first ground action of an eight-day offensive on the Palestinian enclave, a witness and the Israeli army said.
Members of the Islamic group carry pictures during a rally against Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip, in Jakarta January 4, 2009

Demonstrators wave flags and placards to protest Israel’s military actions in Gaza, at a rally in Melbourne January 4, 2009.

child stands behind a poster that reads “fight Israel” during a rally against Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip, in Jakarta January 4, 2009.

4Pro-Palestinian demonstrators shout slogans against Israel during a protest in response to the Israeli attacks on Gaza, in central Sydney January 4, 2009.

Iranians in Tehran having a demonstration against Israel’s incursion into Gaza

  1. Israel perlu diberi sangsi yang keras. Semua negara Islam harus bersatu lawan Israel, boikot produk – produk Amerika dam sekutunya. Allahu Akbar ……

  2. innalillahi wa inna ilaihi roji’uun…….
    israel…..adalh senjata amerika untuk menghancurkan persatuan kekuatan islam…
    sudah berapa bnyak myat yg di ciptakan…..
    israel…tempat Q d neraka paling panas dan dalam…..
    bersama bush , pm israel, dan para penjahat islam….

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